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                                                 Julia Zabotkina:


Russian Ballet Academi.

Participated in performans of «Russian ballet» troupe V.Gordeev.Started circus-carier as a dancer in a famous horseshow in Russia.Later became one of the main characters dansing and making acrobatic tricks on the horses and  started to work aerial act.

        Denis Kovrigin:


The Yroslavl State Pedagogical University.

Scool of the higher sports skill on acrobatics.The master of sports of the international class.

The Champion of Russia,the prise-winner of Cup of Russia,the winner of international tournaments:Cup of Saxony,Stars under Bug,Yroslav Mudrii.

Worked russian bar troupe,hand voltige,stilts in the ring,aerial act.

 Ours work experience:circus, variety, theaters,water show, Gala-events and Cruise ships (England, France, Russia, Germany, Quwait, Italy, Czech Repablic,UAE,China,South Afrika, Hong-Kong,Spain, Japan, South Korea).

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